Presidents Message

August 13, 2020
Hello CPU Membership, 

The Canadian Powerlifting Union’s Executive Board has deliberated further and has voted to officially withhold the rest of Team Canada National Teams from attending all upcoming 2020 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) events, which includes the 2020 IPF Open Worlds in Norway and the Arnold's Sport Festival in Spain. The global situation has not improved to a point where we can reasonably send athletes across the world during this pandemic. There are still harsh quarantine measures in place and as the months get closer, the situation improves very little. We understand this is disappointing news, but we must be diligent in our safety measures.

The CPU is still focused and excited for our own National Championships in St. Johns 2021. Canada's response to this pandemic has been positive and most provinces are dealing with the outbreaks where we are very hopeful national travel will be reasonable and safe. Contingency plans are being discussed and created as well, but our main focus is supporting our National Championship.

With Respect,


CPU President