Approved Logos

Equipment Manufacturers

Logos from any and all of the IPF Approved equipment manufacturers are automatically approved for platform use. This includes Titan, Inzer, SBD, Metal, ER, Eleiko, Beast Genetics and any other maker on the IPF approved list.

CPU Approved Logos

Fees have been paid to the CPU for the following logos, they may be worn on the platform at any level of CPU or affiliate competition.

Note that any company that has paid for banner advertising on the CPU website is automatically approve for their logo, even if not listed here.

Name Description Logo
Titan Canada
Inner Strength Products Inner Strength Products is operated by Rhaea & Ryan Stinn, and has been operating out of Moose Jaw, SK since 2010. They are the official supplier for CPU logo apparel, tracksuits an other items, and sell SBD Apparel, Inzer Advance Designs, Rehband, Sling Shot, and more!
(with or without text)

Strongarm Sport Formerly known as ER Canada, StrongArm Sport is operated by Mike Armstrong out of Calgary AB. A dealer for Titan and Titex weights, Bells of Steel power racks, ER Racks, Texas Bars and much more.

Iron Sisters Women's Powerlifting Club in Hamilton ON, operated by Frances Manias.

Strength Fanatix

Strength Fanatix is based out of Edmonton, Alberta providing a wide range of products for all sports. With each new product that we release we dedicate a portion of all sales to memberships, equipment and tournaments to support and sponsor upcoming athletes.

Maverrick Performance Solutions

Maverick Performance Solutions is a coaching service that specializes in contest day coaching and meet prep. MPS is owned by Matt Goldsmith and Austin Dorotea, both current OPA members.

Apex Elite Fitness

We are a Manitoba brand that believes that anybody has the potential to attain the "highest peak" or the "best version" of themselves. We believe that this is attained through incorporating a lifestyle of fitness into your everyday life. And we see all styles of training a possible means to attain these goals. Whether it's powerlifting, bodybuilding, olympic weightlifting, martial arts, etc., we know that as long as you're active, moving and living a healthy lifestyle, your highest peak or your "Apex" version of yourself can truly flourish. When we reach this point, we don't just stop there. We then join a group of elite individuals who also have reached their Apex, and we continuously push each other and ourselves to reach a new peak.

So join us and reach your peak, and become Apex Elite!

Apex Power & Performance

Apex Power & Performance is a Canadian coaching group owned and operated by head coach Austyn Ryan. Based out of Toronto Ontario, Apex Power & Performance provides evidence driven coaching for all strength athletes from beginners to the elite level on the world stage.

Visit their website for more information and how to get started

Instagram @apex.power

The Strength Guys

The Strength Guys are a group of coaches, scientists, and athletes who are passionate about delivering results-driven and evidence-based online powerlifting coaching services for drug-free athletes.

Loaded Bar Collective

Since 2016, Loaded Bar Collective has been capturing the strong attitude of the Canadian powerlifting community on and off the platform. Specializing in powerlifting media production, Loaded Bar has covered all levels of competition - from local meets all the way to IPF Worlds. Our commitment to the community since day one has always been the same: capture your strong attitude in the process of becoming the best version of yourself while conquering PR's.


Based out of Kingston, ON, NOREP is cultivating a following of like minded individuals by "Making Light of Heavy Things", or the idea of using training and humour to deal with the stresses of everyday life. Through THE use of social media and their involvement in various local charities, these gentlemen are leaving their mark on a sport that tends to take itself a little to seriously. Join the #noreptakeover and wage #warongravity


"ZONE" is one of the hottest products on the market, now on AMAZON and in WALMART USA. We have been producing ZONE since 2014 and have been voted as the best smelling salts on the market and have RAVE reviews. ZONE is a step ahead in the smelling salts / ammonia inhalants. It lasts longer, better quality, stronger and delivers the instant adrenaline boost you need.
 1. Longer life then the competitors.
 2. Easier to ship, as it is not a liquid, SO NO EXPLODING OR LEAKING during shipping.
 3. Long Shelf life and easy storage...the competitors' products get weaker the longer they are on the shelf.
 4. Endorsed by some of the top powerlifters and Athletes in the world.

Bacon And Barbells

BACON & BARBELLS is an athletic apparel brand based out of Guelph, ON. Since 2014, we have been showcasing the world's strongest strength athletes with top quality equipment, apparel and accessories. Proudly Canadian. Locally sourced materials. Shipping worldwide daily. For lifters, by lifters.
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