Powerlifting Friendly Gyms in Canada

    Peak Power Sport Development
    1301 - 16th Ave NW
    SAIT Campus Centre
    Web: www.sportdevelopment.com
    Club: The Strength Guild Powerlifting Club
    Team training: Sunday 10:00 am - 12:00pm
    Comments: The Strength Guild Powerlifting Club and Tork Olympic Weightlifting Clubs train there, along with all SAIT Varsity teams and various Elite athletes and teams. The training facility features 11 platforms for Olympic weightlifting, 4 Squat Racks 3 benches, with a full Eleiko weight set, Eleiko and Ivanko bars and competition ER Squat/Bench rack (IPF approved). Chalk, boards and bands. The owner is one of Canada's top strength coaches and was the head coach for Canada's World Bench Press Team. Currently in Powerlifting Peak Power has 4 world medalists and 10 National Champions train at Peak Power Sport Development. (Submitted by Barry Antoniow)

    Peak Fitness
    7710 - 50 AVE, Red Deer, AB (corner of Gaetz and 77th in the Lion Plaza)
    Phone: 403-341-5560
    Web: http://www.peakfit.ca
    email: peakfit@peakfit.ca
    Costs: Drop in is pricey... maybe $11, Regular memberships depend on contracts
    Comments: 3 squat racks, 3 benches, allow chalk, aren't fussy about some noise. For anyone that lifts in monolift feds, they also have a monolift and some long, 25kg bar as well, as there are lifters from another federation that lift there. It's decent... I mean, it's no Unparalleled!
    (Submitted by Telle Szuch)

British Columbia
    Powell's Gym
    82 Braintree Crescent, Winnipeg MB R3J 1E2
    Comments: ER Racks, 435 Kg Eleiko Weight, Eleiko & Ivanko Powerlifting plus York Weightlifting Bar, Chains, Bands and Boards, Dumbells to 90 lbs. Kick Ass Stereo
    Open to powerlifters visiting or travelling through Winnipeg and need a place to work out.
    (Submitted by Annette Powell)
    McDole's Gym
    181 Stradbrook Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Web: http://mcdolesgym.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/McDoles-Gym/267742586630805
    Powerlifting and Pow(HER)lifting
    Comments: You will find an incredibly motivating and intense atmosphere; the best training equipment in the world; and some of the most educated coaches around! On top of that, members can expect to train alongside many pro athletes as well as many high school or university athletes trying to go pro! The only way to reach your potential is to be in an environment where everyone has the same goal: to get better. Training and results come first, everything else is secondary.

    Submitted by the owners: Chris McDole (President) and Dave Beakley
    Brickhouse Gym 24/7 (2 Locations)
    104 King Edward St E, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0M6
    418 Gertrude Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0M6
    (Submitted by Mathew Bowen)
Nova Scotia
    No submitted gyms.

Newfoundland and Labrador
    Global Gym
    92 Elizabeth Av, St. John's, NL A1A 1W7
    (709) 722-0431
    Email: darrin@globalgym.ca
    Comment: The NLPA has a full set of weights and ER rack here, however the weights are usually locked up. If you are planning on going, drop an email to any CPU member within Newfoundland and plan your trip to ensure the weights are available, and get a trainning partner as well.

    Toronto - Fortis Fitness 276 Carlaw Ave.
    Email: info@fortisfitness.ca
    Phone: 416-465-4777
    Website: http://www.fortisfitness.ca/ or on Facebook
    Comments: They have 4 squat racks, an Olympic Lifting platform, chains, bands, more plates than any gym I've seen, and some specialty bars such as a safety squat bar and a football bar. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable about powerlifting.
    (Submitted by Deb Bisztriczky)

    Ottawa - Nepean YMCA (Capital Barbell Club Gym)
    1642 Merivale Rd., Nepean, ON K2G 4A1 (2nd floor of Merivale Mall) 
    Email: connorsheehan@hotmail.com (to arrange training session) 
    Phone: (613) 727-7070 
    Website: www.ymcaywca.ca/Locations/Nepean+Y/
    Cost: $12 drop-in, $51.71/month.
    Comments: 500k worth of renovations where our club had a say in new equipment purchases. Chalk, suits & mesh bags are okay, 5 new power racks, 2 Ivanko competition bars, 10+ texas powerbars, 3 platforms for deadlifts, boards, deadlift loader, bands (coming soon), Worksan bumper plates for olympic lifts, safety squat bar, kettlebells.
    (Submitted by Connor Sheehan)

    Ultimate Fitness (2 gyms)
    Sarah Leighton/Paul Vaillancourt, owners
    282 Raglan St., 3rd Floor
    Renfrew, ON
    613 433-8282
    70 Madawaska Blvd., Lower level
    Arnprior, ON
    613 623-9726
    Web: ultimatefitnessgyms.com or On Facebook
    Drop ins are $8.00
    Comments: chalk is okay, power racks, benches, lots of free weights and bar types. Good music and atmosphere. Cardio equipment as well.
    (Submitted by Sarah Leighton)

    Vault Barbell Club
    101 Beverley St. Unit C
    Guelph ON N1E 3C3
    (226) 500-3811
    web: www.vaultbarbellclub.com
    email: vaultbarbell@gmail.com
    The Vault Barbell Club is a powerlifting and Olympic lifting facility in the heart of Guelph's Ward neighbourhood. We offer personal training, small group training, seminars, classes and memberships. The Vault is a respectful, inclusive, non-judgemental environment; supportive of members of all ages, experience, gender or goals. ER rack, competition equipment, 2000kgs calibrated plates, titex, ivanko and eleiko bars & weights. Train alongside current and former world-champions and record holders.
    (Submitted by Jacob Lucs)
Prince Edward Island
    Iron Haven Gym Alberton, O'Leary And Summerside
    # 1 Argyle Street, Alberton, PEI, C0B 1B0 - 2.0 hours west of Ch'town.
    474 Gallant Street, Summerside, PEI, C1N 0L5 - 45 Minutes west of Ch'town
    Owner: Terry Adams CFT
    Web: www.ironhavengym.com
    Phone: 902 853 3421
    Comments: Gym is huge, with a separate "bullpen" area for some serious heavy lifting. We have three power racks including a top of the line Hammer Strength Power Rack with the hardwood lifting platform, lots of plates and bumper plates, even a Texas deadlift bar. Summerside has one of the PEIPLA Power Racks for Bench Only.
    (Submitted by Terry Adams)


    Hyperforce gym
    110 blv Greber
    Gatineau, Quebec

    Moose Jaw - Unparalleled Performance Training Centre
    361 Main St N, Moose Jaw, SK
    Email: stinndler@gmail.com
    Phone: 306-630-8500
    Web: On Facebook
    Cost: no drop in for single visit, $50 for 10 visit punch card, $25/month for High School Students, $40/month regular
    Comments: Everything goes. 1 ER, 3 ER style racks, 1 power rack, 1 squat rack, 2 Eleiko powerlifting bar/plate sets, Q-Bar, Ivanko Bar, 2 Eleiko weightlifting bar/plate sets, more random rubber bumpers, more steel plates, more weightlifting bars(female and junior bars), more generic bars. 8 platforms in all, 7 w/ rubber for weightlifting/deadlifting. Pretty basic, nothing fancy.
    (Submitted by Ryan Stinn)

    Saskatoon - Iron Works Gym
    #30-2105 8th Street South East
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7H 0T8
    Phone: 1(306) 933-1959
    Comments: 3 power racks; dumbbells up to 150lbs; bumper plates; home to competitive strongmen, powerlifters, and olympic weightlifters
    (Submitted by Ryan Fowler)

    Swift Current - Training Zone Fitness Centre
    215 1 Avenue North, Swift Current, SK S9H2B3
    (306) 773-3633
    Comments: The training zone is a small gym, not set up for powerlifting but the owner is more than accomidating if you want to train there. One squat rack and 2 benches. Chalk allowed if you clean up afterwards.
    (Submitted by Ryan Fowler)

    Weyburn - Olympia Fitness
    1623 1st Ave NE
    Weyburn, SK
    (306) 842-5111
    Website: www.olympiafitness.ca
    Comments: Olympia is a privately owned fitness center with a squat cage, 2 benches, more than enough weight and decent bars. An 8×8 platform has been set up in the gym and an ER rack with Ivanko bar are kept there. Chalk is allowed as long as it doesn't leave a mess. The owners have been excellent with incorporating powerlifting into the gym and have been willing to move things around and accomodate a platform and rack into their gym. This is a good place to train and powerlifters won't be given any hassle from staff or clients in the gym.
    (Submitted by Ryan Fowler)