Belle River Powerlifting Club

Contest and Training videos from the members of the Belle River (Ontario) Powerlifting Club.

Club Members:
Shawn O'Halloran, World Bench Press Record, Canadian Records Squat, Bench and Total
Jason Byrne, Canadian Record Deadflift
Chris Carpenter, Canadian Record Bench
Greg Young

Contest Videos

2006 Niagra Open
    Shawn Tries 317.5, 700 lbs
    Another version, same lift
    Best Quality Version of the 700 attempt above

2005 Ontario Masters and Bench
    Shawn 300 kg Bench

2005 World Juniors, Indiana
    Team Video
    Greg Young, 217.5 Bench
    Jason Byrne, 300 Squat
    Jason Byrne, 222.5 Bench
    Jason Byrne, 295 Deadlift

Training Videos

December 2006
    Shawn O'Halloran, Raw Bench Workout

November 2006
    Shawn O'Halloran, 320 kg bench
    Chris Carpenter, 200 kg bench
    Drew Irwin, 170 kg bench
    Jerry Marentette, 197.5 kg bench

April 2006
    shawn_690 x 1.rm
    Chris Carpenter 330 x 6 reps.rm
    drew irwin 342 x 1.rm
    Vince Byrne 440 x 1.rm
    vince byrne 450 x 1.rm

August 2005
    Shawn, 3 Board Press, 635 x 4
    Shawn, 670 x 1

August 2005
    shawn 585x1 raw.rm
    shawn 575x1 raw.rm
    shawn 540x1 raw.rm
    shawn 495x3 raw.rm
    jason byne 355x2 raw.rm
    chris carpenter 330x2 raw.rm

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