Presidents Message September 24, 2020       


Hello CPU Membership ,

The CPU, in conjunction with the National Meet Director, have decided to move the CPU National Championship to the month of May, 2021. Moving Nationals forward will allow more training for you all, more time to develop the event during the government restrictions, and also provide more time for Provinces to run events. Looking forward, the IPF's calendar has also been adjusted and has no conflicts with the new dates of the CPU National Championship in St. Johns, NFLD, May 7-14, 2021.

The CPU is also looking for qualified individuals to fill some vacancies below! This positions are important and the CPU needs new faces to step up and to help develop the CPU and keep our organization growing, both in membership and in knowledge! The CPU will provide all needed training for these positions, so even if you don't have direct experience, as long as you are willing, reliable, and love the CPU, we want you!

Competition Committee: This committee focuses on special projects related to qualifying totals, competition pathways to National Championships and policy related to qualifying. The next project will be to come up with Qualifying Totals for the new Female Weight Classes to present to the CPU Board!

3 Seats Open  

National Records Chair: We are looking for one individual willing to manage our national records. Your main duties involve updating the national records on the website and emailing the athletes their respective national record certificate. There is a $1000 stipend attached to this position.  

Championship Secretary: The Championship Secretary was recently split into two positions to assist with the workload. The CPU is looking for TWO capable individuals to take over these positions. Each position offers a $300/month stipend. Your duties include, but not limited to:             

     -Collecting all required information from Team Canada Athletes such as travel, hotels, entry fees, Goodlift Bios, etc.            

     -Coordinating with IPF Meet Directors and Team Canada Athletes consistently.            

     -Submit and manage funds and transactions related to International events and Team Canada Athletes.          

     -Make sure all IPF and CPU deadlines are met during the course of duties.          

     -Update Team Canada Roster/Profiles on when required.         

     -Update team lists, info and applications on the CPU website  


To Apply To Any Of These Positions:

     1) One Page Resume Related to Specific Position  

     2) One Page Cover Letter  

     3) Email to  


Thank you all and we are excited to see these positions filled!  

Deadline to submit is October 23, 2020    


With Respect,

Shane, CPU President