National and International Referees

Want to become a National Referee? See Below

Mike Armstrong          International Cat I          
Shane Martin          International Cat II          
Angelina Van Ryswyk          National          
James Bartlett          National          
Sandra Drake          National          
British Columbia          
Chris Robb          International Cat I          
Bill You          International Cat II          
Pat Kowal          National          
Bette Festing          National          
Brian Rock          National          
Gabe Festing          National          
Brock Haywood          International Cat I          
Susan Haywood          International Cat II          
Mathew Bowen          National          
Krista Sanger          National          
Thea Olalia          National          
Janet Loesel Sitar          National          
Alyssa Amanda Burg          National          
New Brunswick           
Jeff Butt          National          
Jason Fancy          National          
Perry Price          National          
Vicky Taylor-Hood          National          
Kris Tiller          National          
Gayle Johnson          National          
Mike Owens          National          
Larry Walsh          National          
Nova Scotia          
Ron Delaney          Internation Cat I          
John Fraser          National          
Ryan Kells          National          
Matthew MacKay          National          
Natasha Ching          National          
Bill Jamison          International Cat I          
Harnek Singh Rai          International Cat I          
Michael Knott          International Cat I          
Glyn Moore          International Cat I          
Mark Giffin          International Cat II          
Don Clarke          International Cat II          
Linda McFeeters          International Cat II          
Adele Couchman          International Cat II          
Rick Gazdig          National          
Scott Seguin          National          
Jerry Marentette          National          
Stan Goss          National          
Matt Cuthbert          National          
Ron Strong          National          
Barry Antoniow          National          
John Beres          National          
Chris Fudge          National          
Prince Edward Island          
Justin Smith          International Cat II          
Heather Ayles          International Cat II          
Tyler Ramsay          National          
Stephen Flemming          National          
Louis Leveque          International Cat I          
Jean-Sebastian Rheume          International Cat II          
Daniel Royer          National          
Dany Mansour          National          
Francis Rousseau          National          
Marc Rioux          National          
Amr Megahed          National          
Ryan Stinn          National          
Ryan Fowler          National          
Rhaea Stinn          National          
Shantelle Szuch          National          
Lucas Ttreault          National          
Tanner Lepage          National          
Russ Agnew          National          

 How to Become a National Referee

All references concerning the criteria about becoming a national referee can be found in the CPU constitution under Bylaws, page 28 Officiating, number 15.6.
To become a certified national level CPU referee, the testing procedure is as follows:
a) The candidate must have been a highest level provincial referee, for a minimum of two years. He must be in good standing with his provincial association.
b) The candidate must be recommended by his provincial president or secretary or referee's chairperson.
c) The candidate must have refereed at least one provincial powerlifting championship and four or more powerlifting contests within a two year period before the next national AGM.
d) The candidate must achieve a passing score of 90% or more in the written and practical exam.
e) The written exam must be taken before the practical exam.
f) The practical exam must be administered by at least one IPF referee on the jury. Other adjudicating referees may be of national rank. During the practical exam, there must be a minimum of 100 attempts to be tested. If necessary, the practical exam may be spread over more than one session of the same championships with the same IPF adjudicator.
g) Written tests will be obtained from the National Referee Chairman and the completed examination forms will returned to the referee chairman (for marking).
h) DEADLINE Please go to the link for the form Official Application Form for Becoming a National Referee and send the information at least one month than the upcoming national AGM. Please send the form to National Referee Chairperson Brock Haywood with a follow up voice mail.

Brock Haywood
Box 637
Teulon MB
R0C 3B0
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Applying to Referee at an International Competition

If an international referee wishes to apply to referee at an international contest or championships, they need to apply to the CPU Officiating Chairman using the form Refereeing at an International Competition.

Due to the restrictions in funding, the CPU will fund a maximum of two referees per competition as the budget will allow. Please use THIS FORM to apply for funding.

Priority will be given to those referees who are in the last year of their four year mandate and need a competition to maintain their status.

All referees applying will be on a first come first serve basis.

When applying, the deadline registration will be ninety days before the first day of the competition.

When upgrading from National to Category II, or Category II to Category I, please refer to the IPF Technical Rules, page 28, #19 and #20.

National Referees that have been approved by the CPU Officiating Chairperson, and want to apply for their Category II, must apply within ninety days. This also includes upgrading from Category II to Category I.

Provincial/National Officiating Chairperson can login here to update referees.