Current Suspensions

The pursuit of doping-free sport is a matter of public interest. The CPU is committed to eradicating the use of performance enhancing drugs from powerlifting in Canada. As such, all members of the CPU, by virtue of membership, are agreeing to submit to periodic drug testing, either at a sanctioned CPU contest, or on a "no notice" out of competition basis.

The CPU also follows the guidelines of the Canadian Anti-Doping Program. The CADP is the set of rules that govern doping control in Canada. Compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code and all international standards, the CADP describes how the program is carried out and details the process of results management, including penalties for infractions.

Name Contest or OMT Infraction Dates
Kelly Branton OMT 5 Banned Substances 24-May-19 to 23-May-23
David Troeung Barrie Summer Slam Ephedrine 17-Aug-18 to 18-Aug-22
Alexandra Stodalka OMT SARM S-22 12-Jul-18 to 11-Jul-22
Thomas Basso BCPA Winter Open Testosterone 12-Apr-18 to 11-Apr-22
Vahid Lotfi BCPA Winter Open Testosterone and Nandrolone 11-Feb-18 to 10-Feb-22
Francois Gagné 2017 Central Canadians nandrolone, testosterone, drostanolone and oxandrolone. 5-Oct-17 to 4-Oct-21
Quentin Weber 2017 Central Canadians SARM S-22, a prohibited anabolic agent 20-Aug-17 to 20-Aug-21
Darius Martens 2017 Manitoba Provincials 5-methyl-2-hexanamine, GW501516 and SARM S-22 3-Jun-17 to 3-Jun-21
Stanley Guedes 2017 Edmonton Oil Cup SARM S-22 and GW501516 25-Mar-17 to 24-Mar-21
Mohamad Arnaout 2017 CPU Nationals GW501516 and SARM S-22 17-Feb-17 to 17-Feb-21
Meana Franco 2017 CPU Nationals Oxandrolone, SARM LGD-4033, SARM S-22, GW501516 17-Mar-17 to 17-Mar-21
Thomas Jamael Mike Laroche Memorial Eleven prohibited substances 20-Apr-17 to 19-Apr-21
Connor Visagie BCPA Winter Open Six prohibited substances 19-Feb-17 to 18-Feb-21
Mise'l Jeddore OMT Refusal to test 27-Jun-15 to Permanent
Preetpal Atwal BC Fall Classic 2014 WADA Prohibited List- Schedule 1 Substance 9-Nov-14 to Permanent (2nd Offense)
Kyle Rozendal OMT Refusal to test 4-Oct-14 to Permanent
Ryan Robson OMT Refusal to test 24-Feb-13 to Permanent
Peter Dauncey OMT Refusal to test 04-Oct-96 to Permanent
Ken Devries OMT Refusal to test 12-Oct-95 to Permanent
Vince Graham CPU Nationals Stanozolol 1995 to Permanent
Peter Foster CPU Nationals Methandienone early 1990's to Permanent