International Events

2021 International Event Location Application Deadline
Aug 15 - Aug 22 North American Regional Powerlifting Championships Orlando, FL, USA  May 15th
Aug 22 - Aug 28 World Sub-Junior, Junior, & Master Powerlifting Championships Oradea, Romania  July 1st
Sep 23 - Oct 3 IPF World Open, Sub-Junior, Junior, & Masters Classic Powerlifting Championships Halmstad, Sweden  June 30rd
Oct 14 - Oct 16 NAPF Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championships San Jose, Costa Rica  July 14th
Oct 21 - Oct 31 IPF Classic and Equipped Bench Worlds Almaty, Kazakhstan  July 21st
Nov 8 - Nov 13 IPF Open and Master Equipped Worlds Stavanger, Norway  Aug 8th
Interested in lifting at an IPF Worlds or other international event? 
Look Here for details on qualifying, entering, forms, fees etc.
Entry Deadline for all is 90 days prior, NO EXCEPTIONS

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