Record Application

To claim a CPU national record, you must:

  •  a) Complete this form within 7 days after the contest, or the last day of a multi-day event.
  •  b) Have done the lift at "Provincial Championships" or higher level.
  •  No fee is required, as was prior to Jan 1, 2015.

Record Certificates will be sent out for all records, be sure to submit your compete address information.

If you broke a record and that record was then broken by another lifter in the same contest, you are still entitled to a certificate. Its a record, even if it only lasted one minute. Please Note:

  •  Please enter the ACTUAL date you lifted if it's a multi-day event, not like "July 6-10". Feel free to make notes in the comments field about cross-category records, it is easy to miss these.
  •  Sub-junior's may take Junior and Open records and Junior's may take Open records.
  •  Master's may take any lower level Master and/or Open records (M3 can take M2, M1 and Open, etc).
  •  3 lift "Bench" can take a "Bench Only" if it exceeds it (but not the reverse).
  •  Classic lifters that break the Equipped record will be credited for that also. (but not the reverse).

Applicant Information
Full Name Phone
Address City
Province Postal Code
Email CPU Card Number
Gender Birthdate
Contest Information
Contest Location (City, Prov, Country)
Meet Director Contest Date
Record Details
1st Age Class 2nd Age Class
3rd Age Class Weight Class
Squat Bench Press
Deadlift Total
Classic Or Equipped