Ontario Contest Results

Ontario Powerlifting Website : http://www.ontariopowerlifting.org

2020 Seneca College Meet, Markham, ON, 08-Feb-20
2020 Western Strength Open, Ontario, ON, 25-Jan-20
2019 Ontario Open and Masters Provincials, Bowmanville, ON, 03-Nov-19
2019 Vault Open, Guelph, ON, 19-Oct-19
2019 London Open, London, ON, 05-Oct-19
2019 Ontario Junior Provincials, Kanata, ON, 04-Oct-19
2019 Eastbound Summer Classic, Scarborough, ON, 01-Sep-19
2019 UF Open, Arnprior, ON, 10-Aug-19
2019 Top Dawgs Open, Welland, ON, 27-Jul-19
2019 Ottawa Summer Showcase, Ottawa, ON, 06-Jul-19
2019 Ryerson Barbell Club Classic, Toronto, ON, 29-Jun-19
2019 Ottawa Open, Ottawa, ON, 22-Jun-19
2019 Niagra Open, Niagra, ON, 08-Jun-19
2019 Toronto Pro Supershow, Toronto, ON, 01-Jun-19
2019 Clarington Open, Clarington, ON, 25-May-19
2019 Belle River Open, Belle River, ON, 11-May-19
2019 Essex High School, Essex, ON, 11-May-19
2019 Bending Bars and PRs, Ontario, ON, 04-May-19
2019 The Lab Open, Markham, ON, 27-Apr-19
2019 Hamilton Regional High School, Hamilton, ON, 24-Apr-19
2019 Peel High School Regional, Mississauga, ON, 13-Apr-19
2019 Waterloo Region High School Invitational, Waterloo, ON, 06-Apr-19
2019 Capital Open, Ontario, ON, 23-Mar-19
2019 CPU Nationals, Ottawa, ON, 04-Mar-19
2019 Vault Open, Guelph, ON, 24-Feb-19
2019 7th Annual Seneca College University Meet, Markham, ON, 09-Feb-19
2018 Barrie Winter Open, Barrie, ON, 12-Dec-18
2018 Lab Winter Classic, Toronto, ON, 01-Dec-18
2018 Western Strength, London ON, 10-Nov-18
2018 Ontario Open and Master Provincials, Ottawa ON, 02-Nov-18
2018 Central Canadians, Ottawa, ON, 24-Aug-18