Official Clothing Manufacturing Contract Invitation to Tender (ITT)


Canadian Powerlifting Union

Official Clothing Manufacturing Contract Invitation to Tender (ITT)


The Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) is the Canadian affiliate of the International Powerlifting Federation and the largest powerlifting federation in Canada. The CPU is seeking a company to produce clothing using the CPU logo and name. 

1.1 Project Goals and Objectives 

To provide our members with quality clothing that they can proudly wear. This includes team clothing for world championships. 

1.2 Purpose of this Invitation to Tender 

The purpose of this ITT is to find the best supplier for clothing. 

1.3 Form of Tenders 

Information on form of tender response required. 

1.4 Procurement Timetable

 All tenders must be received by mail or email by October 16, 2020. The letters will remain sealed until the day before the CPU Executive meeting, November 7, 2020 when they will be opened and evaluated by the executive council and brought forward to whole Executive Committee for voting on November 8, 2020. 

1.5 Tender Evaluation 

The tenders will be evaluated on a number of criteria, not just on the highest bidder. The winner must show that they have the means and the ability to provide the best quality clothing to our members. 



2.1 Institution's Background 

The Canadian Powerlifting Union is a federally registered non-profit organization. It was formed in 1982, as the Canadian affiliate of the International Powerlifting Federation, to oversee and regulate all IPF style powerlifting in Canada. 



3.1 Scope 

The contract will include both regular clothing as well as world team track suits. 

3.2 Scale 

The type of clothing produced is up to the winning vendor, however, they must produce team t-shirts for the world championships with more than 10 team members. They must also produce team tracksuits for any lifters who wish to purchase them. 



This contract will be valid between November 9, 2020 and July 31, 2023. The CPU retains the rights to discontinue the contract with two month notice to the vendor. The CPU logo and name will not be used in any way that could be deemed defamatory or causing disrepute to the CPU. World team t-shirts must be made for any world team with more than 10 members. World team track suits must be available to purchase for world team members. 



CPU clothing will be produced for the purchase by the members. 



The total bid amount you quote is for the three year contract and can be paid in three installments at the national AGM each year. 



 7.1 General Information 

This to include information such as contact details, registered company address, web address.

 7.2 Evidence of Capacity to Deliver Contract Requirements 

What experience does the company have in supplying this type of contract? 

7.3 Other 

Please provide any other information you wish about your company. 



Details of implementation approach, project management methodology used, with time -scales. What assumptions does the supplier make re resources available at your organisation - details of roles and responsibilities? What other resources are required - e.g. office accommodation, etc? 



Your tender should be submitted by email or mail no later than October 16th, 2020 to: 

Jeff Butt 

CPU Vice President, Director of Programs 

39 Fred W. Brown Drive, Paradise, NL, A1L 0P9

Tel: 709-597-2945 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


10 Collusion and Inducements 

By submitting a tender you declare that it is a bona fide tender, intended to be competitive and that you have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the tender by or in accordance with any agreement or arrangement with any other person. Offering an inducement of any kind in relation to obtaining this or any other contract with the CPU will disqualify your tender from being considered and may constitute a criminal offence. 


11 Confidentiality and the Freedom of Information Act 

You must not try to obtain any information about anyone else’s tender or proposed tender before the contract is awarded.